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10 High-Tech, Green City Solutions for Beating the Heat

10 High-Tech, Green City Solutions for Beating the Heat | The urban.NET |

From a solar mansion in China to a floating farm in New York, green buildings are sprouting up in cities around the world. Among their many benefits are curbing fossil-fuel use and reducing the urban heat island effect.


The Science Barge is a floating environmental education classroom and greenhouse on the Hudson River in New York. Fueled by solar power, wind, and biofuels, the barge, which was built in 2007, has zero carbon emissions.

Vegetables are grown hydroponically in an effort to preserve natural resources and adapt to urban environments, where healthy soil, or soil at all, is hard to come by. Rainwater and treated river water are used for irrigation.

The owner of the barge—New York Sun Works—designed it as a prototype for closed-loop and self-sufficient rooftop gardens in urban areas.


Visit the link for more examples of green urban projects and intiatives...

Via Lauren Moss, John Boitnott
Norm Miller's curator insight, June 2, 2013 10:39 AM

If the waters rise we could move those in places like New Orleans to floating cities?  or maybe we should move some of the policitians there and cut them loose?

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Gardens By The Bay: Singapore's Most Brilliant Architectural Innovation

Gardens By The Bay: Singapore's Most Brilliant Architectural Innovation | The urban.NET |

Gardens by the Bay is the newest addition to Singapore's green space innovations, making this architecturally brilliant metropolis truly a “City in a Garden.”

Still a work in progress, Gardens by the Bay was named the World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2012. The use of innovative energy saving technologies is a noteworthy element of this unique project.

More than 217,000 plants belonging to approximately 800 species and varieties are represented in the Gardens “with the hope that it will help to promote awareness of the wonders of nature and the value of plants to Man and the environment.” In this way, visitors are instilled with new or renewed awareness of plants, while experiencing different ecosystems without disturbing original forests. Gardens by the Bay also supports the sustainability of culture through a wide array of “edutainment” available onsite — from school programs to concerts  – to further enhance an understanding of this experience...

Via Lauren Moss
luiy's insight:

The Supertrees are vertical gardens that vary from 20-50 meters in height, which line the OCBC Skyway, a 128-metre long walkway that provide glorious views of the Gardens and Marina Bay area. These structures are created by wrapping a steel frame around a concrete core to support planting panels. The vertical “grove” allows the Gardens to showcase different plant species found in the different strata of forests, including epiphytes and orchids. In fact, there are approximately 162,900 plants representing more than 200 species on these manmade trees. Of the 18 total Supertrees, 11 are also embedded with environmentally sustainable functions such as photovoltaic cells that harvest energy that is later used in the nightly light up show. Some are also connected to the biomes and serve as air exhaust receptacles.


Chia Yi Xuan's curator insight, June 29, 2013 11:40 AM

From this article, I can see that Singapore's architectural design of the Gardens by the Bay has been known and that people find it very innovative and fascinating. It was named the World Building of the Year in the year 2012. I think that the Gardens by the Bay is a very good idea as it can attract tourists and draw international attention.It also make Singapore known to more countries.I wonder if the people in the other countries will find it fascinating and a joy to see this architectural innovation.

Tan Teck Ling's curator insight, June 30, 2013 9:24 AM

This is my insight using See-Think-Wonder routine,

I can see from this article that Singapore has gained some recognition for its attempt to built a creative and interesting architecture while ensuring it to be Eco-friendly.
I think that this type of architectures are beneficial to everybody as it provides shelter for people while ensuring that the building is a great attraction through the usage of a large variety of plants that is Eco-friendly.
I wonder what would Singapore come up with that would allow it to gain such recognition once again by others 

RuiHan Chia's curator insight, June 30, 2013 9:59 AM

I see that Singapore 's new addition, Gardens by the Bay, has already drawn international attention and was named the World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2012. I think that Gardens by the Bay is good because it promotes energy saving and is a great tourist attraction and showcases many different plants and habitats. It also has great potential since it is not complete yet. I wonder how it will change as it is being completed.