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Rescooped by Evieira from The Beinghood Times!

How Snowden Is Returning Privacy To A Social Norm

How Snowden Is Returning Privacy To A Social Norm | THE  SPOT |

This article suggests that the steady trickle of revelations of government and corporate snooping that continues to seep from the Edward Snowden documents is serving to keep attention riveted on how privacy in the digital age ought to be.

Via Allen David Reed
Allen David Reed's curator insight, November 1, 2013 2:13 AM


You might think I’m on a bit of a ‘Blue’ rant today with the articles I’ve selected to comment on.  I hadn’t really thought about it before this, but when you look at the world events swirling around us, you don’t have to go too far to see how the dominance agenda is everywhere!


Yet that is rapidly changing, and that is how the greater I AM consciousness has set up all of this ‘play.’  I call it the law of contrast, you can’t know the day without the night.  Thus how can we move toward the respect of the sanctity and Sovereignty of an individual’s right to privacy?  Simply by overwhelmingly violating it on every conceivable level of government and industry and declare the goyim sheep theirs for the fleecing - until the proctology scope shoved up your backside to take a closer look begins to get a bit too painful.


And painful indeed it is slowly becoming with the drip feed of snooping revelations being doled out on the people of the world - and none to happy world leaders as well.  It has smashed our trust in corporate technology brands and laid bare the US government beast (also a private corporation for anyone reading this that didn’t already know that).  When we see the Dominance-Based (Blue) worldview, aided and abetted (for fiat money of course) by the Logic-Based (Orange) worldview for what they are, we begin to wake up to the glaring reality of their power and control aims.  It is how we individually and collectively begin to make a new choice.  It is how we shift into BEINGHOOD.



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9 Tips For Keeping Your Internet Use Private

9 Tips For Keeping Your Internet Use Private | THE  SPOT |

Many people are concerned about online privacy. And, conversely, many more are not, freely sharing any and everything on their favorite social networks, paying little attention to their mobile app settings, and happily letting Google track each keyword that they search.

It’s easy to get paranoid about all this stuff, but it does pay to be a little careful when using the internet, particularly when it comes to your personal safety. And while Twitter holds pride of place as one of the safest social networks, by taking the time to educate yourself on the security and privacy settings within your profile, being mindful of which third-party apps you allow access to your account and ensuring that you aren’t making it easy for burglars by constantly telling the world when you’re not at home, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything you can to keep your presence safe on Twitter.


This infographic proposes 9 tips for keeping your internet usage private.

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Ouida Sparkman's curator insight, August 17, 2013 6:36 PM

Sharing some useful information from the free corner

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9 Tips for Keeping Internet Use Private.