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Rescooped by Evieira from The Beinghood Times!

Fluoride In Kombucha: Should You Be Concerned?

Fluoride In Kombucha: Should You Be Concerned? | THE  SPOT |

This blog post in the healthy home economist website provides research on the possible health dangers of fluoride in Kombucha along with recommendations for minimizing its impact.

Via Allen David Reed
Allen David Reed's curator insight, November 14, 2013 10:24 PM


Wow, did this ever catch me by surprise!  It just goes to show how eternal vigilance on the road to your BEINGHOOD is fraught with bumps and potholes along the way.  Part of expanding to the highest states of consciousness require your body and especially your Pineal gland be cleansed.  The biggest issue with the Pineal is what is known as corpora arenacea or "brain sand".  As fluorides accumulate in the body, they are particularly attracted to the Pineal.  This gradual calcification is what I mentioned in a previous insight about E.T. not being able to phone home, as this gland is our gateway to our connection with the Field.  And yes, while your intention to make Kombucha a healthful drink goes a long way to mitigating any negative implications from toxins, our greatest Synergy is found in being conscious in both the material and spiritual realms.


As I have been reviewing a lot of information about fluoride, I kept reading something about black tea being a high source of fluoride.  Like many people, I regularly drink Kombucha thinking I was helping cleanse my liver, only to now realize I’ve been probably offsetting all this cleansing effort with black tea.  I decided to investigate if the fermentation process helped clear the fluorides - nope, not really, it turns out.  This article I scooped gives a good overview of how to get the best of Kombucha’s benefits while sourcing fluoride-minimizing ingredients.  Also here is another link to read afterward about the fine science of making healthy Kombucha -


So what’s all the fuss about Kombucha and fluoride?  This blogger pulls no punches - ; There is a lot that can be done to cleanse the Pineal gland, so search the web and start the process.



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The Return of "The Place Inside": Podcast, Expanding Consciousness, UFOs

New Falcon Publications author, Laurence Galian, releases his first podcast of 2013. Topics include: electromagnetic teleportation of DNA through the cosmos,...

Via Jared Broker
Jared Broker's curator insight, July 5, 2013 9:56 PM

This is a pretty far out there podcast, but he covers a wide range of interesting topics having to do with UFOlogy

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TED Talks Now Routinely Censoring Scientists Who Share Ideas On Consciousness

TED Talks Now Routinely Censoring Scientists Who Share Ideas On Consciousness | THE  SPOT |

In this article from Mike Adams, the editor of NaturalNews, Mike shows how the popular TED talks have been censoring and taking down presenters talks that share ideas on consciousness.

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The Unconscious Brain Can Do Math, Read

The Unconscious Brain Can Do Math, Read | THE  SPOT |

"People can process short sentences and solve equations before they're aware of the words and numbers in front of their eyes, finds new research that suggests we might not actually need full consciousness to perform rule-based tasks like reading and arithmetic."

Via Jared Broker
Jared Broker's curator insight, June 17, 2013 11:33 PM

Fascinating study of the unconscious part of the mind.