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Rescooped by Evieira from Rise of the Drones!

Six FAA Drone Testing Programs to begin in US

The FAA has selected six UAS test site operators that will allow the agency to develop research findings and operational experiences to help ensure the safe integration of UAS into the nation's airspace as we transition to a system featuring NextGen technologies and procedures.


On December 30, 2013, the FAA announced the following six applicants had been selected to operate the UAS test sites:

University of Alaska.  The University of Alaska proposal contained a diverse set of test site range locations in seven climatic zones as well as geographic diversity with test site range locations in Hawaii and Oregon. The research plan includes the development of a set of standards for unmanned aircraft categories, state monitoring and navigation.  Alaska also plans to work on safety standards for UAS operations. State of Nevada. Nevada’s project objectives concentrate on UAS standards and operations as well as operator standards and certification requirements. The applicant’s research will also include a concentrated look at how air traffic control procedures will evolve with the introduction of UAS into the civil environment and how these aircraft will be integrated with NextGen.  Nevada’s selection contributes to geographic and climatic diversity.New York’s Griffiss International Airport.  Griffiss International plans to work on developing test and evaluation as well as verification and validation processes under FAA safety oversight. The applicant also plans to focus its research on sense and avoid capabilities for UAS and its sites will aid in researching the complexities of integrating UAS into the congested, northeast airspace.North Dakota Department of Commerce.  North Dakota plans to develop UAS airworthiness essential data and validate high reliability link technology. This applicant will also conduct human factors research. North Dakota’s application was the only one to offer a test range in the Temperate (continental) climate zone and included a variety of different airspace which will benefit multiple users.Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.  Texas A&M plans to develop system safety requirements for UAS vehicles and operations with a goal of protocols and procedures for airworthiness testing. The selection of Texas A&M contributes to geographic and climactic diversity.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).  Virginia Tech plans to conduct UAS failure mode testing and identify and evaluate operational and technical risks areas. This proposal includes test site range locations in both Virginia and New Jersey.

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Rescooped by Evieira from The Beinghood Times!

Dominance-Based Global Game Of Chess For Oil And Money Is No-Win For Planet

Dominance-Based Global Game Of Chess For Oil And Money Is No-Win For Planet | THE  SPOT |

In this article titled "TOP SECRET MEMO FROM SAUDI COULD CHANGE WAR STANCE" a letter was sent to Congress by Syria and was never disclosed to the American public - or the world - because the western mainstream media censored it. Original article can be found here:

Via Allen David Reed
Allen David Reed's curator insight, September 24, 2013 12:07 PM


In an awakened society living in BEINGHOOD, we would be well beyond the events leading us down the path to war by a power hungry few at the expense of the planet.  What we currently are witnessing in our 'modern' world shows how our dominance-based (blue) media lies to persuade public opinion with mis-information and a recently escalating drumbeat of false flag operations including a lot of gunning down of innocent people to create more fear.  Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?  Once she was onto who was at the controls pumping out the fiery head, they really turned up the heat!  These are the games politicians beholden to special interests for money and power play - all a very blue game of fear induction and mind control.  Don't fall for it.


This letter was sent to Congress by Syria and was never disclosed to the American public because the media censored it.  Obviously the collective is still in an adolescence of "us vs. them" not yet understanding we are all the fingers and toes of a much greater body.  If you knew that, would you vote to shoot off your finger?


I look forward to a mature civilization where our elected representatives are 'statesmen' of the highest integrity and nations aren't played as pawns for oil pipelines and profits.


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