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The Social Network Times
How Social Media is Changing Our Lives
Curated by Roger Francis
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Turn Your Social Media Connections Into Sales

Turn Your Social Media Connections Into Sales | The Social Network Times |
Is your business generating enough sales from your social media efforts? Would you like to turn your website subscribers into loyal customers? According to Statista, by 2018 there will be approximately 2.67 billion people who use social media worldwide. When it comes to building your business through social media, your blog is your greatest asset. …

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Twitter Content Strategy Guide

Twitter Content Strategy Guide | The Social Network Times |

Twitter has quickly become a favorite part of content marketing strategies employed by most businesses. The 140 character limit means that it doesn’t take much work, users have little inhibition about following quality profiles and it’s already optimized for mobile. Curating a quality Twitter feed lends itself to an answer for so many marketing questions that it would be hard to list them all here.


Still yet, lots of users have no idea how to make 140 characters count. What we end up with is Twitter feeds consisting primarily of links and quotes. Quotes are an obvious place to start when you want concise snippets of text that convey wisdom and evoke strong emotions. In fact, the most successful Twitter users are almost always inspirational, funny or educational in nature. However, followers don’t want to follow a copy of someone that’s already in their feed, and as an online influencer you don’t want to be pigeonholed.


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