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Curated by Roger Francis
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How, Google Plus & Twitter can turn chaos into order

How, Google Plus & Twitter can turn chaos into order | The Social Network Times |

If you do anything professionally related to online technology, you understand the immense amount of data you need to sort through each day. There are the daily content roundups, blogs to read, Facebook posts and to check, tweets to scroll through and news sites. That doesn’t include whatever else arrives in your in-box. I literally cannot keep up with all that I want to know about social media technology and its use for engagement, fundraising and advocacy.

It’s really too much to know. That’s when I began trusting the curators.


Trusting the curators was a strategy I employed to begin to figure out what to read, what I needed to read, and what others whom I trusted thought was important to read. We cannot read it all. We cannot begin to imagine trying to read it all. We must trust to the curators.

Trusting others to curate content has become my primary means for gathering relevant information about social media and particularly nonprofit technology.

Via Dennis T OConnor
Gilbert Faure au nom de l'ASSIM's comment, April 26, 4:18 AM
totally agrees with Dennis
John Rudkin's curator insight, April 26, 6:30 AM

Curation is all about trust.  I too cut to the cause by keeping in the know via great curators.

Joyce Cordus's curator insight, April 30, 2:23 AM

This is really helpful to get the best out of all these tools!

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Content Curation: an Introductory Guide by Sadie Baxter

Content Curation: an Introductory Guide by Sadie Baxter | The Social Network Times |

Via Robin Good, Gust MEES, Lynnette Van Dyke
harish magan's comment, October 1, 2013 3:12 AM
Easy learning easy in remembering .
enrique rubio royo's curator insight, October 20, 2013 1:44 PM

Sencilla y útil exposición del proceso de curación de contenidos (excelente síntesis la de la imagen), incluyendo recursos y herramientas que lo facilitan en cuanto al coste temporal requerido en toda curación de contenidos.

Marisol Araya Fonseca's curator insight, February 1, 12:04 PM

Nice guide

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Beyond Collecting and Sharing: Twitter as a Curation Tool

Beyond Collecting and Sharing: Twitter as a Curation Tool | The Social Network Times |



Via Robin Good, steve batchelder
Andreas Kuswara's comment, June 11, 2013 9:22 PM
I supposed twitter can be used or any tool can be used for anything,but some tools are made with certain intended affordance by the creator that would make the tool less effective for certain functions. curation in a way is capturing things void of time (i probably drawing too much from museum), while twitter is fast pace timeline of interactive (or one way) discourse.... they seems to be inherently different.

i'm just automatically sceptical when 'one tool can be use for all' theme appear. but it is an interesting suggestion.
Bonnie Bracey Sutton's comment, June 11, 2013 9:33 PM
Many people learn one tool and then move on to others. I like to analyze each and use the best features of that particular 2.0 project. I use twitter as a push tool to share info for the most part.
Ali Anani's curator insight, June 29, 2013 12:18 AM
The right way to write
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Scoop.It for SEO – A New World of Curation [Infographic]

Scoop.It for SEO – A New World of Curation [Infographic] | The Social Network Times |

For almost everyone who is a part of the online world coming up with fresh content consistently is a big challenge. Practically every guideline advises that content should be engaging, informative and relevant every single time. Consequently, content curation has taken off in a big way.

Simply put, content curation is the process of curating relevant and interesting content from various sources on the web and putting them together and publishing them on a personal site or blog. As a result of the popularity of the content curation process, a number of content marketing tools have been introduced. These tools are meant to help in the process of content marketing and SEO and facilitate the process of curation...

Via Lauren Moss, Terheck, Gust MEES
Dillon Thomas's curator insight, February 1, 11:25 AM



As I began this process of building my "brand" .. creating my online image and my professional presentation, I had a lot to figure out.  I created my first website, facebook and Linked In account.  I made the decision to "market" myself a Lite Feet dancer, if you read my bio it is one of the accomplishments in my life for which I am very proud.  The problem there was no single source of information of LITE FEET DANCE.   My introduction to Scoop It was perfect timing, it gave me an opportunity to create a LITE FEET SCOOP -- I had been dancing since I was 14 and I had come to know all the founders and the main Lite Feet websites, the history of Lite Feet dance,  the multitude of YouTube Channels, websites, facebook pages and Lite Feet Sound Cloud accounts, and I felt a great responsibility to curate and create the first and only LITE FEET SCOOP.  Creating this scoop gave me a link to provide as a reference to my own "LIte Feet Dancer" identity but also was a unique opportunity to curate, what I believe to be, an important, relevent and for the most part unnoticed dance phenom and YouTube Sensation that is  Lite Feet Dance.  My efforts to high lite the incredible talent of these young dancers has been an honor and I will continue to add to scoop as new content becomes available. 

DLite Scoops Lite Feet Dance: ;


I then created several other relevent scoops for my story, and I created them in the hopes that sharing my journey would hopefully help others with similar journeys.


@Dillon Thomas  


+Maximizing social media and SEO for self Promotion

+How to become a Male Model - My humble journey shared


Dillon Thomas2.0K | +3@Dillon ThomasNew Scoop
Nine0Media's curator insight, February 1, 11:33 AM

#DIYSEO #Nine0Media

Dillon Thomas's curator insight, February 1, 5:55 PM

SCOOPS --  I began using Scoop when I was defining myself a LITE FEET DANCER.  There was no single source of info about Lite Feet dance, a NYC Born Battle dance phenom and YouTube Sensation.  I created LITE FEET SCOOP TO reference for my own resume but also to provide anyone interested a link to the multitude of YOUTUBE Channels, Sound Cloud and personal sites dedicated to this unique art form and the talented dancers who participate. 



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Is Content Curation in Your Skill Set? It Should Be. by David Kelly : Learning Solutions Magazine

Is Content Curation in Your Skill Set? It Should Be. by David  Kelly : Learning Solutions Magazine | The Social Network Times |

“Curation is an important skill to develop, especially in an environment in which more and more organizations shift towards self-directed learning for their workers. Now is the time for learning and performance professionals to develop this new skill set.”

Via Dennis T OConnor
MAría Rosa Arias's curator insight, September 24, 2013 10:21 AM

Muy bien explicado que es Curació de Contenidos

Elizabeth B's curator insight, October 21, 2013 8:04 PM

Insight into the value of social media and curation, and how to make sense of overwhelming amount of information online. Ideas about new ways to think about learning I.e. Informal and learner-led education.

Claudie Graner's curator insight, January 20, 5:25 AM

To avoid being swamped....curate...