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from Joshua Merritt  and commented by Robin GOOD and Gust MEES...



Robin Good: If you are looking for ways to improve your content curation efforts, Joshua Merritt has published five useful guidelines to follow.


These include abandoning high frequency / high-volume practices, integrating your opinion whenever possible, researching deeper, citing sources and treating curation like original content production.


Joshua writes: "If two different people curate and distribute the same content (which happens every day times thousands), what makes the experience of your followers more valuable?


The answer doesn’t have to lie in a single piece of content, but it must lie in the story arch of the greater body of work, and the more you treat each item you curate as a diamond in the rough that needs some extra cutting and polishing to be ready for your audience, the better your content will perform and the more loyalty you will drive in your followers."



Rightful. 7/10




Gust MEES: I agree completely with that and must say also this; when people "rescoop" a curation so they should also share it as an "as it" and ===> not deleting curators opinion as it would get seen as "censorship"!!! <===


Curators won't feel happy with that at all, please "respect" this, thank You in advance. If YOU don't like the curator's opinion, feel free to click the link to original post and share that link instead ;)


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