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The Rise of the Algorithmic Medium
Algorithms are the new medium between people and people, people and data, data and data.
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Rescooped by Pierre Levy from Cyborgs_Transhumanism! : Data #glasses controlled by eye movements | #cyborgs : Data #glasses controlled by eye movements | #cyborgs | The Rise of the Algorithmic Medium |
Data glasses controlled by eye movements

Via luiy
luiy's curator insight, September 14, 2013 5:03 AM

Smart glasses are currently attracting considerable interest. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Organics, Materials and Electronic Devices (COMEDD) have developed their own eye-controlled OLED data glasses, which offer an innovative approach to selecting and displaying digital information.


The bidirectional OLED microdisplay used in the Fraunhofer data glasses enables users to view the real world while simultaneously browsing a wealth of virtual information and flipping through pages using nothing but their eyes.


Thanks to special software, the data glasses are entirely eye-controlled: The camera sensors integrated into the OLED screen register the direction of the wearer's eye movements and an image processing program calculates the exact position of their pupils in real time.


The researchers have also incorporated an infrared light source in the glass frame to produce accurate positioning results even in low light. This light is completely invisible to the human eye, so there is no risk of disturbing the wearer of the data glasses in his or her work.


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