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Get What Matters Done by Scheduling Time Blocks

Get What Matters Done by Scheduling Time Blocks | PEOPLE BUILDING |
Want to get the stuff done that really matters? Boost your productivity and lessen distractions by scheduling them in time blocks.


The demands on our time are greater now than ever before. With information coming at us faster than we can digest it, responsibilities handed to us faster than we can handle them and communication moving at breakneck speed, finding ways to fit as much as possible into your day is a daunting task to say the least. But there is a way to get more done of what you want and need with less distraction, and it’s a strategy that you likely employ for some things already.

You have to schedule stuff. Not just the appointment-specific stuff, but all of the stuff that matters. You can do that by scheduling time blocks.


The one great equalizer that all of humanity has is time. No one has twenty-five hours in their day; we all have twenty-four. How we choose to use those hours is what separates us. By scheduling the stuff that matters (from the urgent to the crucial), you’ll be spending those hours far more wisely. In addition, you’ll be living your days proactively rather than reactively...

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30 Blog Posts to Get Strategy and Celebration Back into Your Business and Your Life

30 Blog Posts to Get Strategy and Celebration Back into Your Business and Your Life | PEOPLE BUILDING |
This is a must read post for all!

That Fireworks Feeling of Celebration!

Remember when you first were going to see the fireworks? It wasn’t that different from the first day of school or the first day of that new fabulous job! And if you’ve ever started your own business, the first day you’ve got things in order to launch is certainly a time worth celebrating with fireworks!

Then come the days that follow that often get filled with more work and a little less of that brand-new feeling that made everything easy at that very first. I’ve been taken by the thought of how much fun it is when we get back with our heads, hearts and our hands in our business and everything once again works.
Here are 30 blog posts based on solid strategy
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