One Question That Will Change Your Life Forever - by Dumb Little Man | PEOPLE BUILDING |

Did you know that, barring some radical scientific advancement, you and everyone you know will be gone in 100 years? All of that hard work and perseverance disappears, just like that. All of those years of striving and "just holding on", jettisoned into oblivion in an instant.


Now that I've hopefully got your attention and giving you the right mindset, here's the question: How does that make you feel?


I'm not trying to depress you, but I'm being completely serious here. Ask yourself what that means for your life. Do you feel uncomfortable? Depressed? Or even relieved? Whatever you feel, just let it flow. You'll learn a lot about yourself and where you want to go that way...


"You start understanding that instead of there being a finish line in life, there is instead simply another journey, another cycle to be repeated."