7 Strategies for Introverts (by Introverts) to Ignite Socializing Skills | PEOPLE BUILDING | Scoop.it

Twitter chimes in to offer some of the easiest and most effective tips on socializing for introverts -provided by introverts, themselves!

Just do it!

I have to force myself to get out there. It’s hard to do. But I join organizations, talk to business people… Engaging people first through social media has helped make the transition to real life interactions easier: It sets up a wonderful comfort level.calkundra, on Twitter

Life, to me, is all about human connections.

No, it’s not so much about the “professional networking” aspect or building a social media network full of fans and promoters. Even in our increasingly tech-laden world, it’s those pure, totally uninhibited, simply “human” face-to-face connections that mean the absolute most in life.

There’s something so unique and special about the bonds we forge over laughter and smiles, as well as those shared over tears and during moments of adversity when communities unite to overcome sorrow.

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