The Answer Lies in How | T. Harv Eker | PEOPLE BUILDING |
From now on, whenever you have a goal, the only question you ask is, “How?” If you have a problem, the question is, “How do you solve it? How do you overcome it?”

All successful people ask how. They’re proactive. They’re action oriented, and the word ‘how’ is like pushing the button on a detonator. The answer always triggers you into explosive action. You can’t ask ‘How do I solve this,’ ‘How do I achieve it,’ ‘How do I get there,’ or ‘How do I overcome it’ without being triggered into taking an action of some kind.

If top people think about what they want and how to get it, what is it that unhappy, unsuccessful people think about most of the time? They think about what they don’t want and/or who’s to blame. That’s the basic summary of all abnormal psychology. They think about what they don’t want, which makes them unhappy, and they think about who is to blame, which makes them angry...