How to Tackle Your Clutter | PEOPLE BUILDING |

The clutter can sometimes seriously affect the proper functioning of our lives, this article gives you some insights and a video of more than one hour about how to improve this situation. [note Martin Gysler]

So you’ve been putting off tackling your clutter for months, maybe even years. Papers pile up on a counter, shelves are crammed full of books and magazines and other things, closets are stuffed to the point of spillage, clothes pile up on the floor or furniture, boxes and furniture and other miscellaneous things cover your floor.

How do you even get started?

If you haven’t yet, start by signing up for the free Clutterfat Challenge, a 30-day challenge to reduce your clutter. I created the challenge, along with my friend Courtney Carver, to help motivate you to finally tackle the clutter...

PS: Another post about clutter, but here it's social networks/tools clutter, you know this phenomenon... me yes!