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Freedom and Pre-Natal Chi

Having more than a little curiosity about Eastern ways, and a bigger mouth than the [river] Clyde for questions, I’ve delved where few dare tread.

You see, since a young child I’ve asked crazy/ difficult/ challenging questions of my parents, my peers and in fact, anyone who crossed my path – much to my dearest friends’ consternation at times!

Born in the year of the Wood Dragon and under the sign of Aries my parent’s must’ve thought they’d created a monster! I was stubborn and determined as a very small child; I still have memories of refusing wholesome food in favour of sweets and biscuits. I’m sure my Mum and sisters were sorely irritated by me.

It wasn’t until much later on as I learned more about my energy that I began to consider chi; the potential we have and the impacts of using it.

So, Chi – what is it?

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