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The PALESTINIANS - The Invented People of a Fabricated Nation
The enemy of the truth is not the lie, contrived & deliberate, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.-JFK
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Palestinian TV: 'Moses was a Muslim who led Muslims in Exodus from Egypt' - Hyscience

Never mind that the exodus occurred around 1200 to 1446 B.C. and if Muhammad actually existed at all he wasn't even born until more than 2000 years later ...


Islamist SUPREMACISTS have no problem appropriating the Biblical prophets and claiming that they were Muslims who taught Islam.

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LOGAN'S WARNING: Inside Islam | The PALESTINIANS - The Invented People of a Fabricated Nation |

To the Muslim Readers

Lan astaslem or لن استسلم‎


Logan’s Dictionary

"Islamophobia": The fear of speaking out against the rapidly growing religion/ideology that is out to repress all who do not follow its doctrine.


About Logan’s Warning

The primary mission of this website is to educate non-Muslims on the ideology & practice of Islam and to Islam's threats to our free and open society. The goal is to assist in developing legislation to defeat the dangerous Sharia movement underway here in America. Violence is not the answer, nor it is acceptable.

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