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Between 2011 and 2020 the number of connected devices globally will grow from 9 billion to 24 billion, according to The Connected Life: A USD4.5 trillion global impact in 2020. In this new report, R “Ray” Wang, a Forbes contributor, discusses the possibility of devices connected to, communicating through, and building relationships on the Internet. Over the next decade, Mr. Wang envisions:


Sensors will be even more ubiquitous. For instance, the camera at the traffic light and overseeing the freeway; those are sensors. That new bump in the parking space and new box on the street lamp; those are sensors. From listening for gun shots to monitoring a chicken coop, sensors are cropping up in every area of your life.


Machine to Machine [M2M] relationships will generate connected data that will affect many aspects of your life. Connected Data will be used to fine-tune predictives that will prevent crimes, anticipate your next purchase and take over control of your car to avoid traffic jams. The nascent form of this is already happening: Los Angeles and Santa Cruz police are using PredPol to predict & prevent crimes; location-aware ads popping up in your favorite smartphone apps; and Nevada and California are giving driver licenses to robotic cars.


Sustainability isn’t only about saving the planet. It’s also about saving money. Saving the planet, reducing dependence on polluting energy sources and reducing waste in landfills are all good things, but they aren’t part of the fiduciary responsibilities of most executives. However, Smart Buildings, recycling & composting, and Green IT all increase a company’s bottom line – all aspects of being a successful executive.

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