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Forrester: Google Glass will be the next iPhone

Forrester: Google Glass will be the next iPhone | The P2P Daily |
"Glass is continuously improving via over-the-air updates and new applications, and we have no doubt that in time, Glass will be the next iPhone," the Forrester study says.


"Roughly 21.6 million Americans would buy Google Glass if it were available, a new Forrester report says. But the current Explorer version is more of a Newton — Apple’s flawed and failed PDA — than an iPhone.
That’s 12 percent of the adult population.

In fact, despite the current prototype model’s limited battery life and restrictive API, Glass is more of a “when” than an “if” product, according to the survey of more than 4,600 U.S. adults.


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ddrrnt's curator insight, June 20, 2013 10:34 PM

The easy access to location-based info in full AR is applauded.
Also, bone conduction is said to provide great audio quality, "without disrupting others who are nearby."


John Koetsier from VentureBeat contrasts Noam Chomsky’s belief that Glass is a privacy-destroying, Orwellian technology (, with Forrester's view, "that Glass is not a good covert-surveillance camera — it’s too obvious, and its battery life is too limited."


I recall previously curated privacy concerns:
The efforts to ban ... (G+)
The pleas for policies ... (G+)


thanks Tyger AC

Rescooped by P2P Foundation from Web of Things!

Intro to Interactive Newsprint

An introduction to the Interactive Newsprint Project, which is examining new forms of journalism using printed electronics.



Lots of people are trying to bridge the divide between paper and the internet. Some efforts include augmented-reality playthings that enliven pages and QR codes that introduce hyperlinks to print, while many expect e-readers will evolve in to flexible, hi-res, connected digital “paper.”


But what if the printed word could become digital today? That’s what a project called Interactive Newsprint is promising.


An eight-year-old Cambridge, UK, company called Novalia, working with the Universities of Central Lancashire, Dundee and Surrey, is deploying its electronics-enabled paper concept toward newspapers.


A demo edition of Johnston Press’ Lancashire Evening Post includes printed “buttons” that, when pressed, play audio readings of stories; plus Facebook likes, story ratings and votes. (...)


“Being able to place the paper in the middle of the internet of things opens up a whole new ballpark of the ways that we can tell stories and collect data — who’s holding the paper, how are they interacting?”


Continued here.

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