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10 Characteristics Of The Evolving #CMO

10 Characteristics Of The Evolving #CMO | Daily Magazine | Scoop.it
Discussions centered on the future of marketing often times end with mixed sentiment. The result concludes countless paths up the mountain and breadcrumbs are everywhere. In terms of prioritization, perhaps the path of least resistance can be chosen by first determining the end goal. But what is the end goal? [...]

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Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's curator insight, April 6, 11:53 PM

Article @Forbes , which of the two marketing vision do you agree with most?

1) Christopher Kenton, SVP of the CMO Council sees the purpose of marketing in two specific expressions: Reducing shareholder risk while maximizing customer lifetime value. 

2) Joseph Alba, Distinguished Professor Chair, Department of Marketing at University of Florida states that the goal is, “To obtain a competitive advantage by meeting consumer wants and needs more effectively than competing firms.” 

Richard Shulman's curator insight, April 7, 4:07 PM

A real nice article about top marketing management. I suggest that when you read the 10 characteristics, you read all the odd numbered points first, then the even numbered points. Though the viewpoint is quite tech oriented, (SAP backing), it is quite valuable. Read and comment.

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Simple ways business consultants can better manage risk

Simple ways business consultants can better manage risk | Daily Magazine | Scoop.it
There are simple methods business consultants can use to manage risk and avoid unexpected losses.