The most important message to leaders: We need more iconic leaders! | The Key To Successful Leadership |

The author says:
"The problem with leadership is that we're making copycats. We study the road leaders take and all try to take the same road, creating creative gridlock. We need more road-makers, more people to follow the spirit of these leaders' steps, not their actual path. We need more history-bending figures that seem bigger than life, able to do things that the rest of us see as impossible. In two words, we need more "iconic leaders."

There are three factors that "iconic" leaders have:

1.) The first is a sense of their own, center of the Earth, core values.
Such values are discovered, not taught, not adopted.
2.) The second element is that they know their great gift.
Great gifts are much more specific than talents, strengths or abilities.
How about finding if you have this gift?
Here's the test if you have this great gift: You cannot not do it. When your mind is idle, your great gift kicks in. If you go days without using it, you feel like you've neglected a friend.
3.) The third element is a "cross-trained intuition." Leaders seem to know what the right thing to do is, even when others don't.

If you put these factors together, you unleash a process called the "genius effect." It begins when you notice that the status quo offends you. You get mad, even outraged. The source of this anger, if you trace it back, is that the way things are violates your core values.Your value compels you to action,

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