Photo finish: Suffolk Downs trainer raced in to save his former horse from slaughterhouse (with a little help from his friends) | The Jurga Report: Horse Health, Welfare, and Care |

When Suffolk Downs trainer John Botty found out that Our Revival could wind up as dinner on somebody’s plate, he felt as if he had been punched in the stomach.

“Oh my God,” he says of the possibility of his former racehorse being sent to a Mexican slaughterhouse. “It would be like losing a family member.”

And so begins this great story!

@FranJurga writes: Make this your feel-good story of the day. Well-written, dramatic and--best of all--true! Old Friends does it again and proves that the power of storyteller is necessary for every good cause, and that great storytelling can make a story that we've all heard so many times before sound fresh and compelling.

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