Warmblood Gelding in Westchester County, New York Euthanized: Tests Show Eastern Equine Encephalitis (State Vet Report) | The Jurga Report: Horse Health, Welfare, and Care | Scoop.it

@FranJurga writes: Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) was detected in necropsy samples from an eight to ten year old warmblood gelding today. This is the second case of EEE in a horse in New York state this year.

Veterinary reports include the following details:

The horse has been in Westchester County, NY, and Massachusetts for the last few weeks. The horse’s vaccination history in regard to EEE is not known.

On 8-24-12, the warmblood had acute onset of ataxia and increased digital pulses. The farm’s veterinarian examined the animal and initiated medical treatment and had to return within an hour, because the horse had dramatically deteriorated.

The horse was severely ataxic, febrile, leaning and eventually went down.

Since the vet and trainer noticed such a rapid, dramatic decline in the horse’s condition they elected to humanely euthanize the same day.

There are other horses on the same premises but none are showing signs of illness and have since received a booster EWT vaccine.

A necropsy was performed at the NYS Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the brain was submitted to NYSDOH’s Wadsworth Center on 8/27/2012 for both Rabies and Arboviral testing. Rabies and West Nile Virus tests are negative.

Courtney L. McCracken, DVM
Program Manager: Equine, Outreach, Accreditation
Foreign Animal Disease Investigations, Aquaculture
NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets
Division of Animal Industry

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