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Interactive Elementary, creators of innovative educational applications for Apple's iPad, today released Elementary School Math HD, a comprehensive, activity-based mathematics application for students in 4th and 5th grade.


Like its predecessor, Middle School Math HD, a staple of iPad-equipped classrooms around the globe, the app will be released with eight modules. Highlighting the assortment of activities are games related to coordinate geometry, rounding, pattern sequences and ordering numbers. Interactive tools for constructing shapes and developing surveys are also included.


Debuting on the App Store on Tuesday with a $0.99 price tag, Elementary School Math HD has been localized to support students in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Dave Brown, Interactive Elementary's president and an Ontario teacher, says he and his development team strived to create a product that not only followed from curriculum standards but also served to liberate teachers from tedious tasks like preparing and marking the drill work.


"North American schools have entered into a major period of transition. Technology is being infused everywhere you look. Of course, tablets are beginning to play a prominent role in this movement. What we offer is just one piece of the broader puzzle. We aim to build resources that effectively replace the worksheet while providing students with immediate feedback on their understandings."

Brown suggests updates for Elementary School Math HD are on the horizon.

"Our next update will add some features on the data collection side. We want to provide teachers with the data that will allow them to measure student progress. We're also quite excited about two additional modules that are in the works. We are introducing a probability activity as well as a module centered about algebra manipulatives."


Elementary School Math HD is also available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.