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The Integral Landscape Café
Internal & External Landscapes. Integral multiple Perspectives on Emergence, Transformation and new Mindsets in Sustainability
Curated by Anne Caspari
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Landscape and Critical Agency

Landscape and Critical Agency | The Integral Landscape Café |

# This symposion is potentially REALLY interesting: (and hosted in my old school in London, UCL,  Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning...)(AC): 


How might we develop a model of landscape which has agency? What place might be accorded to design, to the material and environmental processes of the landscape itself, and to the various users of territory within this model?


What scales and conditions might a mode of landscape with critical agency be capable of engaging with? How might it address mass mobility, consumption, migration, food insecurity, soil pollution, so-called ‘natural disasters’, scarcity, informal settlements, infrastructural development, rapid urbanisation or everyday life, for example?


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Scooped by Anne Caspari!

Performatism, a post-postmodern architecture style in an integral age

Performatism, a post-postmodern architecture style in an integral age | The Integral Landscape Café |

Integral architecture is not simply about applying a single integrally informed methodology to new, unconstructed “Integral Buildings,” (however important that practice perhaps is), but is something already in our midst. We have only to recognize its features, bring our awareness to them, construct attempts at definitions, and then play with the novelty until something new emerges.

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