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The Integral Landscape Café
Internal & External Landscapes:  Integral multiple Perspectives on Emergence, Transformation and new Mindsets in Sustainability
Curated by Anne Caspari
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A New Collective Mind for a New World

A New Collective Mind for a New World | The Integral Landscape Café |

For a new mind to emerge during the times ahead it will be necessary for people to take power back into their own perceptual mechanisms, to empower themselves by withholding legitimacy regarding old and outdated modes of thinking. Social philosopher Willis Harman has described this by stating, "By deliberately changing their internal images of reality, people can change the world." This change, then, requires us to take back our rightful legitimacy unto ourselves, to decide carefully what we think, how we think and which beliefs we choose to adopt.

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Ecotherapy - Being in Nature can Help Heal the Body and Mind

Ecotherapy - Being in Nature can Help Heal the Body and Mind | The Integral Landscape Café |

Few of us would argue with the idea that a stroll outside on a sunny day is a great pick-me-up. Now it seems that it may also be just what the doctor ordered.
The benefits of nature for both body and soul are finding their way to the prescription pad as more health care providers are telling their patients to take a hike -- literally.

Via Grey Drane
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Interior and Exterior

Interior and Exterior | The Integral Landscape Café |

The Evolution of Consciousness is nothing short of the evolution of everything we experience on the gross and subtle planes. Biological evolution is not separate from this. For it is the nucleus (governing center of consciousness) of any sentient holon that dictates the *use of resources* of that holon thus altering the structural landscape of its matter-energy composition irrevocably. Mind and matter are but the interior and exterior of a single unfolding. (Leo Marrs)