Participatory wisdom and sustainability | The Landscape Café |

"In that effort I think it wise to seriously reflect on nature's patterns. Evolution, ecology and ancient tribal cultures all tell us - each in their own useful ways - that nature is sustained by the participation of all its life forms and ecosystems, all its elemental forces and cycles. They tell us that communities and species thrive within that vibrant association by fitting their participation harmoniously into the larger dance of life around them. Sure, they can and do shape their environment to serve their needs and dreams. But they must simultaneously serve the wellbeing of their fellows and their ecosystem or they risk being removed from the dance by elemental forces and cycles far greater than themselves.

Similarly, we find society being co-created through our participation in its dynamics and structures. The good and bad things that happen in our society don't just happen, and we are never just victims or sole perpetrators or totally in control - at least not in the big picture. We are all participants, always."