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The Integral Landscape Café
Internal & External Landscapes:  Integral multiple Perspectives on Emergence, Transformation and new Mindsets in Sustainability
Curated by Anne Caspari
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The Radical Technology of Christopher Alexander - Metropolis Magazine

The Radical Technology of Christopher Alexander - Metropolis Magazine | The Integral Landscape Café |

Chances are, you have heard of Christopher Alexander because of his most famous book on architecture, A Pattern Language. 


Alexander, the mathematician, was always concerned with the processes by which parts transform into wholes. He wants to know how we are implementing this part-whole synthesis; how nature does it; and especially, where we, in our own human version, might be getting it wrong. This is the key to an important realization about natural systems and how they generate form — one that, as Alexander has long noted, is distinct from how we humans typically generate form. And this is not a mere philosophical matter of humans being different from nature, or “having culture.” It’s a question of how we humans can also have a technology that is actually more complex, resilient, and sustainable — quite literally, more life-like.

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Pattern language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pattern language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | The Integral Landscape Café |

A pattern language, a term coined by architect Christopher Alexander, is a structured method of describing good design practices within a field of expertise. Advocates of this design approach claim that ordinary people of ordinary intelligence can use it to successfully solve very large, complex design problems. Like all languages, a pattern language has vocabulary, syntax, and grammar. The odd part is that the language is applied to some complex activity other than communication

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