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This post features two reports by Michael Stephens:

Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software, and

Web 2.0 & Libraries, Part 2: Trends and Technologies.


Stephens’s report on Best Practices for Social Software details numerous successful library implementations of some of today’s most used social-software tools, including:

Weblogs (blogs),


RSS feeds,

Instant Messaging (IM),

Wikis, and



Technology Reports covers a broad range of Web 2.0 topics, tools, and considerations, including:

value-added blogging,

building a community Web site with a blog,

Ten Best Practices for Flickr & Libraries,

libraries and social sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, tagging and social bookmarking,

Messaging in a 2.0 World:

Twitter & SMS,


The OPAC Rebooted, and

how libraries such as the Hennepin County Library and the Arlington Heights Memorial Library are using 2.0 tools


For more details: http://tametheweb.com/writing/web-20-libraries-1-2/

Via Fe Angela M. Verzosa, Karen du Toit