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Rebecca Jones:

"Mobile Apps: Implications for Libraries" SEE ALSO "Developing mobile apps the easy way""


"Jeff Wisniewski of University of Pittsburg updated the crowd at NYPL’s “Engaging Communitities, Promoting Learning” conference on the current state of mobile, and encouraged them to consider the implications for libraries. [...]

Here’s his main points:


Apps Libraries Need to Pay Attention to & Leap Frog From:

- TeenBookFinder

- Buckeye Stroll

- Denver Public Library’s Creating Communities

- Yelp


- ShelvAR

- Google Maps 6.0



- Georgia State University Library uses ipads for “guerilla-style" assessment

- libraries can be publishers & support authors in creating ebooks with apps like iBooks and Kindle Direct Publishing

- mobile is also allowing libraries to liberate space

- push-location triggering alerting > DOKLAB"



Via Karen du Toit