Using QR Codes to Extend Learning and Promote a Love of Reading, by Jennifer LaGarde at Adventures of Library Girl | The Information Professional |

by Jennifer LaGarde:

"QR Codes are one of those subjects that I’ve been meaning to write about forever. To be honest, I was something of a QR Code skeptic when they were first brought to my attention last fall."


"I simply LOVE the idea of kids spending time in the library, exploring new ideas and checking out new material based on the opportunity for inquiry provided by the QR Code. However, when this activity is followed by a reading experience that is informed by the student’s desire to find more, new and BETTER resources to be linked to the title their reading, well… that’s when QR Codes make the switch from just being a fun fad or cool gadget to a meaningful tool that can not only extend learning but also help cultivate a love of reading in our students."


QR code tutorial here:


Via Fabricio Cárdenas, librarykerri