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Parents feel special bond with libraries and what they offer to children, families | Deseret News

Parents feel special bond with libraries and what they offer to children, families | Deseret News | The Information Professional |

By Lois M. Collins:

Parents value libraries as a safe place for children, a source of education and entertainment, a tech hub. They feel great affection for a library's ability to instill a love of reading in young minds, too, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life project.

In fact, 94 percent of parents say libraries are important for their children and 79 percent say "very important," according to the survey of 2,252 Americans 16 and older conducted last fall, including 584 interviews with parents of minor children. "Parents" in the results refers only to those children younger than 18.

The survey found that among all adults, parents are more likely to have library cards, visit the library, use the library website and participate in programs there, said Lee Rainie, who directs the Internet and American Life Project for Pew.

Karen du Toit's insight:

Libraries are truly community spaces for families!

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More Than A Library | WanderMom

More Than A Library | WanderMom | The Information Professional |

Michelle Duffy:

Author shares her experiences with a library-building project in Lusaka, Zambia.

"The library we funded is so much more than “just” a library it is also a literacy and literacy education program for the teachers, children and parents associated with this school. Room to Read trains the teachers and a parent representative on how to manage the library and how to catalog books and operate a check-out system. The program funds a literacy teacher who integrates library time into the school day for all children. The kids can come to school early or stay late just to read."


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