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Technology in libraries improves access to the legal system

By Russ Van Arsdale, Executive Director, Northeast CONTACT 

Patrons of Maine’s public libraries will soon have a chance to hear from experts on a number of legal issues at no charge. Low income people may be able to confer one-on-one with those experts, again at no cost.

The reason is what’s becoming known as “Lawyers In Libraries.” It’s an outreach effort coordinated by the Volunteer Lawyers Project, or VLP. A grant allows VLP to arrange clinics by video conference; a lawyer speaks in real time at one location while people at libraries across the state watch and listen. After the lawyer’s presentation, viewers can ask general questions about the law, although the lawyer cannot serve as a questioner’s legal representative.

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Lawyers in Libraries! - Free expert help!

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Tech E-book Roundup | Law Technology Today

Tech E-book Roundup | Law Technology Today | The Information Professional |

"From mobile security to Facebook to iPad apps, LPM has an e-book to answer all your pressing technology questions. LPM e-books are available on the ABA Webstore (for reading on all your devices and readers) and the iBookstore or iTunes (for Apple devices).


Here’s a handy list of the latest tech e-books now available for download. Be sure to check them out–your law practice will thank you! (Next week, we’ll be discussing even more essential e-books from LPM.)"


> Technology and social media for lawyers!

>> Very handy to know about for law librarians!


1. iPad in One hour for lawyers (

2. iPad apps in one hour for lawyers (

3. Facebook in one hour for lawyers (

4. LinkedIn in one hour for lawyers (


Via Errol A. Adams JD/MLS
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Lawyers & Librarians: Google's Battle for the Books, by @jeffjohnroberts

Lawyers & Librarians: Google's Battle for the Books, by @jeffjohnroberts | The Information Professional |

"I'm happy to announce the publication of my e-book, The Battle for the Books: Inside Google's Gambit to Build the World's Biggest Library. This is a 50 page tale of gossip and rivalries between lawyers and librarians, and shows a cultural collision between Silicon Valley and the east coast over control of books and knowledge."


Available here:

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