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Africa must use digital libraries

Africa must use digital libraries | The Information Professional |

Manka S Angwafo:

Making educational resources freely available will fast-track the continent's development.


Of more than 2 000 open access repositories worldwide, fewer than 3% are in Africa. And there are even fewer exclusively from sub-Saharan Africa.

Even though the availability of open access material is low, it is important to recognise the progress that has been made over the past decade: several institutions across the region have adopted and are implementing open access policies. However, in spite of these strides, only about 16% of African scholars claim to have a high awareness of e-resources. Much more advocacy is necessary for open access to become a reality across the continent.

Africa stands to gain the most from the open access movement. But factors such as the continent's regulatory environments, the changing role of librarians, weak commitment to institutionalising open access and problems of sustainability have made implementation slow and awareness limited.



Karen du Toit's insight:

"Data skills & open access needed in Africa!"

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Scooped by Karen du Toit!

Key Issues for e-Resource Collection Development: A Guide for Libraries | IFLA

Key Issues for e-Resource Collection Development: A Guide for Libraries | IFLA | The Information Professional |
#Libraries Key Issues for e-Resource #CollectionDevelopment: A Guide for Libraries (via @Eileen_Shepherd)...


"The purpose of this Guide is to help develop an awareness of the key issues that every library will need to consider and address in developing an e-portfolio. The Guide is not intended to be exhaustive, but is written to provide a reasonable and informed introduction to the wide range of issues presented by electronic resources.
A guide that addresses an evolving subject area, such as electronic resources, requires updates. Thus, updates to this Guide at appropriate intervals, as determined by the Standing Committee of the IFLA Acquisition and Collection Development Section, will replace the previous edition on IFLANet. The current document is simply a snapshot of best practices at this point in time."

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