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Timbuktu Update – Blog – Tombouctou Manuscripts Project

Timbuktu Update – Blog – Tombouctou Manuscripts Project | The Information Professional |

Huma (Institute for humanities in Africa)
University of Cape Town

Since the start of this week there are reports about the destruction of library buildings and book collections in Timbuktu. It sounds as if the written heritage of the town went up in flames. According to our information this is not the case at all. The custodians of the libraries worked quietly throughout the rebel occupation of Timbuktu to ensure the safety of their materials. A limited number of items have been damaged or stolen, the infrastructure neglected and furnishings in the Ahmad Baba Institute library looted but from all our local sources – all intimately connected with the public and private collections in the town - there was no malicious destruction of any library or collection.

Karen du Toit's insight:

Luckily it seems that most have been saved by the hard work of the custodians of the collections!

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Digital archivists: technological custodians of human history - Ars Technica

Digital archivists: technological custodians of human history - Ars Technica | The Information Professional |

by Chris Foreman:

Ars Technica"One of the biggest challenges in the field of digital librarianship is simply trying to evolve as fast as technology," Pike said, "because we need to also keep up..."


Robin Pike (certified archivist currently serving as a Digital Collections Librarian at the University of Maryland):

"We are the custodians of what has been created and are enabling access—ideally free and unlimited—for the future," Pike said. "No matter what is created and where it is created, if it is important, some librarian, archivist, or records manager is capturing it and saving it for the future. In addition to saving the digital objects, we need to make them accessible so people can use and reuse the materials."

"We are the custodians of human history."

Via Pippa Davies @PippaDavies
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