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A Data Management and Data Sharing Bibliography for Librarians

A Data Management and Data Sharing Bibliography for Librarians | The Information Professional |


a colleague of mine – the talented @fsayre - and I have been working hard to compile all of the literature on data management that we thought would be useful for librarians. Since we are both medical librarians, there are quite a few articles that are health-focused, but the majority should be useful for any librarian. 

The two of us are hoping to start a Mendeley group where more librarians can join and share their experiences and ideas about working with data management. We would love to have the input of more librarians, so please let us know via this blog or on Twitter if you would be interested in joining our Mendeley group

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Mendeley Group for librarians - data management & data sharing bibliography

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A Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age (October 31, 2011): Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative (Library of Congress)

"The Working Group of the Future of Bibliographic Control, as it examined technology for the future, wrote that the Library community’s data carrier, MARC, is “based on forty-year-old techniques for data management and is out of step with programming styles of today.” [1] The Working Group called for a format that will “accommodate and distinguish expert-, automated-, and self-generated metadata, including annotations (reviews, comments, and usage data.”


"Recognizing that Z39.2/MARC are no longer fit for the purpose, work with the library and other interested communities to specify and implement a carrier for bibliographic information that is capable of representing the full range of data of interest to libraries, and of facilitating the exchange of such data both within the library community and with related communities.”



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The 6 Best Online Bibliography Tools, Posted by Katie Lepi

The 6 Best Online Bibliography Tools, Posted by Katie Lepi | The Information Professional |
If helping your students write papers is a part of your school day, you probably already know that there are enough issues to focus on without having to spend a lot of time teaching your students how to build a bibliography and correctly cite their sources. Your time is likely better spent helping create a focused, concise piece of work that uses excellent grammar and sentence structure.

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