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13 More Wonderful Librarian Tattoos

13 More Wonderful Librarian Tattoos | The Information Professional |

"[...] already shown 11 great librarian tattoos  (, but as I’m sure you can imagine, that is by no means the full extent of librarians with book-related ink.

Here are 13 more librarians with fantastic tattoos related to their choice of career."

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Our Favorite Pop Culture Librarians, By Alison Nastasi

Our Favorite Pop Culture Librarians, By Alison Nastasi | The Information Professional |

The librarian is one of the most misunderstood figures in pop culture history. The patronizing character John Rothman played in Sophie’s Choice and the “old maid” Donna Reed portrayed in It’s a Wonderful Lifeare just a few of the negative, unflattering, and downright laughable images of librarians that our society has been inundated with. There are, however, several fine examples of realistic, intelligent, competent, and yes, even sexy librarians in cinema, television, and beyond. We’ve detailed 15 of our favorite fictional librarians, below.

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Very funny! 

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Brooklyn librarians form band and rock out - New York Daily News

Brooklyn librarians form band and rock out - New York Daily News | The Information Professional |



"These Brooklyn librarians have gone from shelving books to rocking out in a band.
The six librarians have formed a roving band called Lost in the Stacks - a jazz and blues band that plays at book festivals and branches all over the city.
The group is a far cry from the stern stereotypes of librarians.
“This gives the people another image of librarians,” said the band’s founding member, Jack McCleland, 65, the head librarian at the main branch at Grand Army Plaza.
“There’s this stereotype of librarians being this older woman with her hair in a bun shushing everyone. We’re not like that. We have a lot of very hip and very cool people.”


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Ten Library Stories That Shaped 2013 | LISNews

"...the notable library happenings of the past year!"

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Great compilation! 

Stacey Py Flynn's curator insight, January 5, 8:15 AM

Rehash. Good stuff. 

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Image, Public Perception, and Lego Librarians

Image, Public Perception, and Lego Librarians | The Information Professional |

by Joe Hardenbrook

I love seeing how the public and the media portray librarians. Whether it’s theshushing/conservative stereotype, “naughty librarian” stereotype, under-appreciated & over-worked public servant (this one is NSFW-but one of my faves!), dealing with inept patrons, or even ones that combine the brainy stereotype with sexiness - I eat it up. I wonder if accountants or architects feel the same way when they see their field portrayed?

Entering Pop Culture

So, how do we know when librarians have hit the big time? Lego has introduced a Lego Librarian – part of its minifigures series line. This line of minifigures is an eclectic group. Series #10, which the librarian belongs to, also includes awarrior woman, sad clown, and a paintball player among others. In fact, the librarian is the only viable career option in the set! How cool is that?


So besides the official Lego Librarian version and my knock-off, how might we portray other librarians in Lego form? Or what other ways are we perceived by peers or the public? I decided to take a stab at it and had a bit of fun. Maybe you even know a few of these. So here’s my satirical take. What would you add?

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A bit of fun playing with librarian stereotypes!

Ela Srofton's curator insight, July 29, 2013 5:23 AM

The official Lego librarian and about 30 variations the author built ! Fun !