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Library Love: Library Spaces In A Virtual World

Library Love: Library Spaces In A Virtual World | The Information Professional |

by Stephanie Bonjack

Here’s my theory: the proliferation of "shoppes" and "towne centers" may have satisfied a need (or collective desire) for designer sunglasses, fusion restaurants, and relaxing places to drink coffee, but commercial spaces will never satisfy all of the needs that a library can address. A great library has the potential to serve as a community hub, where resources and services intersect with work, learning, and culture. A space designed to facilitate such interactions while making the patron feel something – inspired, creative, curious – cannot be replicated commercially.

Image: Jose Vasconcelos Library

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Karen du Toit's insight:

Good argument for saving libraries!

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Local Library or Management Service Organization? (SSIR)

Local Library or Management Service Organization? (SSIR) | The Information Professional |

"Indiana’s Foellinger Foundation is using free library services to boost grantee effectiveness.  [...]

The Foellinger Foundation realized that nonprofits might be able to use the library in a similar way to an MSO. A library is customer service-oriented; it specializes in managing and distributing information and training to a wide variety of people and institutions; and people are accustomed to it operating as a center for learning. The foundation saw that the library budget could cover the overhead and infrastructure, and realized that with some additional funding, the library could expand its offerings and eliminate the need to fund an independent, service-based nonprofit."


Taking library engagement with community to a whole new level.



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Award-winning book-burning hoax saves Troy, MI libraries - Youtube

Award-winning book-burning hoax saves Troy, MI libraries - Youtube | The Information Professional |
The Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide agency has won a gold prize in the Effie awards for their hoax "Book Burning Party" campaign, which is credited with saving the public library in Troy,

"MI. Michigan's extreme austerity measures and collapsing economy had put the library under threat, and the town proposed a 0.7% tax raise to keep it open. The local Tea Party spent a large sum of money opposing the measure on the grounds that all taxes are bad, so the Burnett campaign reframed the issue by creating a hoax campaign to celebrate the library's closure with a Book Burning Party a few days after the vote.

The outrage generated by this campaign was sufficient to win the day for the library, as Troy's residents made the connection between closing libraries and burning books, focusing their minds on literacy and shared community, rather than taxation.

Troy Public Library would close for good unless voters approved a tax increase. With little money, six weeks until the election, facing a well organized anti-tax group who'd managed to get two previous library-saving tax increases to fail, we had to be bold. We posed as a clandestine group who urged people to vote to close the library so they could have a book burning party. Public outcry over the idea drowned out the anti-tax opposition and created a ground-swell of support for the library, which won by a landslide."

Via Stacey Py Flynn
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Fundraising key to Regina libraries' revival

Fundraising key to Regina libraries' revival | The Information Professional |
Eight years after financial hardship nearly closed three public library branches and cut 27 jobs, the Regina Public Library Board is now experiencing budget surpluses and working on its infrastructure and maintenance needs.

"Mayor Pat Fiacco, a member of the library board in 2003, originally supported the proposed cuts. He said the library system is in “far better shape” today because of alternative sources of revenue, namely the library’s Home Lottery.

According to the library board’s 2011 budget, an operating surplus of $364,700 was expected, a decrease from 2010 when the surplus was $455,700. The 2011 budget also has an operating revenue of $18.6 million. A large portion of the revenue $14.9 million is from the city’s tax levy."

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