"The digital shift has been upon us all for some time now, and the issues and realities are getting deeper and more complex as library service continues to be transformed by the multifaceted changes already in place and others on the horizon. In ongoing coverage, Library Journal continues to track the issues, report on solutions, and surface the deeper challenges for the profession.

Here, we begin anticipating our free forthcoming virtual event “The Digital Shift: Reinventing Libraries,” brought to you by LJ and School Library Journal, to be held October 16. These essays by two leaders begin an exclusive series of articles to come in September and October that raise key questions about the new state of libraries. Peer to Peer columnist Barbara Fister reflects on the need to reinvigorate instruction in light of how we now collect resources. University of Washington iSchool’s Joseph Janes, in turn, calls for libraries to strike a balance between protecting privacy and innovating to add value—with patrons’ permission."