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Librarians On YouTube: About this blog

Librarians On YouTube: About this blog | The Information Professional |
"... there is a definite archetype that has been established within our culture when it comes to what a librarian is "supposed" to look/act like, and that figure has permeated the representation of this field for more years than I care to count ... Whether it be film and television, or more modern media outlets like video games and the internet, you can find the librarians' profession portrayed (even ridiculed) with the same basic broad strokes. So, not to put too fine a point on it, but that's where this blog comes in ... THE PLAN Ever since I myself (full disclosure!) began pursuing a Master's Degree in order to join the ranks of the full-fledged librarian, I've become fascinated with the portrayal of this profession in popular culture, particularly those depictions which have made their way onto Youtube ... As such, I decided long ago to begin cataloging as many instances of these representations as I could find on the popular video-sharing site. A daunting task, to be sure, but I gladly accept the challenge ... And, truth be told, there are a LOT more portrayals of librarianship on there than I ever could have imagined! Of course, there's plenty of the familiar (i.e. unflattering) stereotypes on there, but dig deep enough and you can actually find some honest-to-goodness attempts to portray the profession in a positive light (some posted by librarians themselves, some not); you just need to take the time to look ... or follow this blog, either one ;) These portrayals can consist of fictitious characters (television, cartoons, movies, etc.) or real-life flesh-and-blood librarians (news stories, promotional videos, vlogs, etc.) ... Whatever the genre, whatever the format, I'm just looking for YouTube videos that someone out there felt was worth the time and effort to post for a world-wide audience as a representation of the profession (either in a positive or negative light)!" 
Karen du Toit's insight:

A stunning collection of portrayals of librarians found on YouTube!

Well done, Alessandro!

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New Curb Your Librarian Frustration in 8 Steps – Stephen's Lighthouse

New Curb Your Librarian Frustration in 8 Steps – Stephen's Lighthouse | The Information Professional |

"Every professional worth their salt and who has had an ounce of success has been there.   If you care, you get frustrated . . . and sometimes angry, demotivated or sad."


"So, before you throw in the towel, or just wallow in the blues and self pity, let’s think about how to curb some of that frustration a bit so you can get back to striving for success, innovation, great client interactions, fame and fortune (well maybe not the fortune… tongue firmly in cheek).  Let’s move on and make a difference in the world.

Step 1: Stop whining

Step 2: Find your purpose

Step 3: Change your focus

Step 4: Stop checking your stats so often

Step 5: Have faith

Step 6: Set realistic goals

Step 7: Stay committed

Step 8: Look to others for inspiration"



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