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Scooped by Karen du Toit!

Technolust - the fifth column of the information counter-revolution

Hugh Rundle:

We are in an era of unprecedented change for libraries and the life of information. Bookstores throughout the western world are closing down. Libraries in the USA, UK and some in Australia are being defunded or closed. Many question the relevance of libraries, including some librarians. I am again surrounded by defeatists and the hopelessly optimistic. Many librarians appear to be searching for One Big Technology to save us. I believe that just like in Tasmania in the 1990s, this is a flawed search.


There are many other systems for sharing ideas. Why do we need libraries? What is our ‘unique value proposition’?

Libraries are a system for sharing ideas

in a way underpinned by the values of


This is our ‘Unique Value Proposition’.

Karen du Toit's insight:

The future of libraries lies in their unique value propositon! Good argument!

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Rescooped by Karen du Toit from Daily Magazine!

TED Blog | Design Mind magazine highlights TEDGlobal 2012 - "Radical Openness"

TED Blog | Design Mind magazine highlights TEDGlobal 2012 - "Radical Openness" | The Information Professional |
TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading -- through, our annual conferences, the annual TED Prize and local TEDx events.


"The theme of TEDGlobal 2012 was “Radical Openness” — a topic that caught the eye of Design Mind magazine. The publication, from longtime TEDGlobal supporter frog, has dedicated an entire issue to the conference. Including Q&As with speakers, behind-the-scenes looks at preparations for talks and an abundance of endeavors related to talks, we picked a few of our favorite articles from this unique vantage point of the conference.

Below, some pieces to peruse.


“What’s the Value of Collaborative Consumption?” by Hannah Piercy -


“The End of Education As We Know It” by Scott Barry Kaufman -


“How Far Should Governments Open Up?” by Hannah Piercey -


“Brainiacs” by Ernest Beck -


“The Maker Movement Meets Big Business” by Reena Jana -




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