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10 Online Privacy Tips for Librarians - iLibrarian

10 Online Privacy Tips for Librarians - iLibrarian | The Information Professional |

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Useful online privacy tips for everyone!

Annemarijs's curator insight, January 30, 2013 8:02 AM

Prima tips hoe je veiliger kunt surfen en bewegen op internet en social media platforms

Scooped by Karen du Toit!

Practical Tips For Online Privacy | LISNews - from a librarian's perspective


"Staying Safe Online" that will cover a million and one tips on how to keep you and your computer safe.

Privacy is a relative term. That is, the things that I consider important to my privacy, someone else might not care about. As librarians we usually key in on Confidentiality Threats. We want our patrons records safe. We also don't share that information with ANYONE else. In general, we are fierce about protecting our patrons’ privacy. This is something that has always set us apart from everyone else. Amazon won't do it. Google won't do it. Do I even need to say Facebook won't do it? People who come into the library or use our web sites don't worry about what's going to happen with their information (or at least they shouldn't need worry about it). They should know we are doing our best to guard their privacy. Keeping all our IT resources secure should be a large part of guarding that privacy."

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