Practicing Freedom in the Digital Library | Reinventing Libraries | The Information Professional |

By Barbara Fister:

"It’s an era of [information] abundance, but it has a downside. Libraries are now beholden to corporations that do not necessarily share our values. We can’t preserve what we don’t own; we can’t fight censorship when someone else controls the switches. Privacy—well, that’s over, or so we are told. We can’t always afford increases in the rent, and publishers have spats with vendors, so access to content shifts and dwindles."


"Thinking about the digital shift in libraries and the many invisible ways this shift has challenged our values, I’ve reflected on that statement a faculty member made all those years ago and made a few additions.

It’s not about technology. It’s about making meaning.It’s not about finding sources. It’s about building understanding.It’s not about skills. It’s about identity and relationships.It’s not about individual success. It’s about participating in a society that values justice.It’s not about finding and using information. It’s about the practice of freedom."