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The Information Professional
Librarians and Archivists in a fast-changing digital lanscape
Curated by Karen du Toit
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Upcoming Digital Textbooks: Internet Librarian 2012 > IL2012

Gerry McKiernan, Science & Technology Librarian, Iowa State University

Increasingly, libraries are clearing stacks to make way for flexible spaces suited to portable personal technology and replacing print holdings with electronic collections. The session begins with a case study of replacing annually purchased reference books with electronic books, includes an analysis of the economics, review of availability of materials, and a brief look at the difficulties of creating specialized ebooks to fill in gaps. The CSU group share the results of a survey to assess the use of e-reader and tablet devices, their adoption by students and faculty, as well as how frequently and in what environments they are being used for conducting research and completing course assignments. McKiernan looks at the current landscape for digital textbooks; the vendors, platforms and initiatives happening in this space; funding options; predictions; and more!"

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Scooped by Karen du Toit!

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2011: The Digital Library

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2011:  The Digital Library | The Information Professional |

Audrey Watters:

"Part 5 of my year-end series. As far as ed-tech trends go, 2011 was not the year of the e-textbook.

-Hooray E-Books

-Boo Textbooks

-Digital Textbooks: Not Quite

-The Library Innovates

-Amazon versus the Publishers versus Libraries

-The Library as Community Learning Space"

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