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Creation, consumption, and the library, by Lane Wilkinson

Creation, consumption, and the library, by Lane Wilkinson | The Information Professional |

Last week I had an interesting Twitter conversation regarding a popular rhetorical strategy surrounding maker-spaces, New Librarianship, participatory culture, and the other assorted "big ideas" for the future of libraries."


"The common thread and the favored tactic in the literature surrounding libraries and maker-spaces is to draw a sharp distinction between the consumption of knowledge and the creation of knowledge. By ‘knowledge consumption’ most writers seem to mean reading; by ‘knowledge creation’ most seem to mean hacking, tinkering, building, making, or collaborating. And the way the conversation is being shaped by this rhetoric, it’s clear that knowledge consumption is old and in the way and what we really need is to forge ahead into a bright future of knowledge creation. Yes, some librarians make the case that we need both creation and consumption (e.g., “…in addition to knowledge consumption”), but the rhetorical device is still in play: knowledge can be either consumed or created, and the library of the future is weighted towards creation."

Karen du Toit's insight:

Consumption vs creation of knowledge in libraries > the future!

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Westport Public Library unveils "Maker Space" - The Hour

Westport Public Library unveils "Maker Space"- The Hour


"The "Maker Space," located in the Great Hall of the Westport Public Library, provides a place for people to tinker with their ideas by taking them on a journey from imagination to actual production. Unveiled on July 2, the space is the first of its kind to be opened inside a library in Connecticut under the notion that libraries should adapt to meet the modern needs of the people they serve."


"Equipped with a 3D printer, which creates three-dimensional objects from digital files, the interactive workspace crafted to resemble a house, is chock full of technology to help bring your invention to life. In essence, the Maker Space acts as a home for the "garage inventor" and tinkerer who uses technology to create something new."

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3D Printing Is Just the Beginning: The Future of Makerspaces within Academic Libraries | Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

"Live Webcast
November 7, 2012
11 a.m. Pacific | 12:00 p.m. Mountain | 1:00 p.m. Central | 2:00 p.m. Eastern

90 minutes

Description: The maker movement is growing across the country and world. With interactive, participatory events and growing local communities, we've seen a shift. Individuals, professionals, and hobbyists from areas such as engineering, design, science, art, and more are coming together with one common thread: the desire to make.

Public libraries were the first on the scene to take notice and respond, but now we're beginning to see academic libraries recognize this untapped potential for their own communities. This emerging learning trend holds the promise of enormous change, bringing many researchers and students together from across disciplines in a truly collaborative way. This movement is about more than just the purchase of expensive equipment; it involves engagement, outreach, and knowledge about what drives the academic community. The academic environment is shifting toward content creation in a variety of forms, in turn reshaping learning, curriculums, and research across the board. In order for libraries to continue to support the research and learning needs of their institutions, it is critical to go beyond traditional library materials, to understand what new resources and technologies the library can support for all on campus to use."

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