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Our 'day in the life of an archivist' series for #explorearchives continues with @gbrannanarchive #exploreyourarchive


This blog post is part of a series for Explore Your Archive.

 Rule 1 of being a local authority Archivist. There is no typical day.


Rule 2 of being a local authority Archivist. You shall eat cake.


How does a typical day begin? The main point is that there is no such thing as a typical day. There are common elements. There will be researchers. Possibly, lots of researchers. But they’ll all be studying different things. Some will be absolute experts, others absolute beginners. There will be documents to interpret. Some of them easy, others less so. There will also be collections to work on, some of them interesting, and some of them the archival equivalent of a strong mug of Horlicks.