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"Some have joked that RDA—which stands for Resource Description and Access, and is the cataloging code that will be formally adopted in 2013 in place of AACR2—should stand for Retirement Day Approaching, and other such phrases that expose catalogers’ general trepidation about creating records using the new code.


Here's an article that demonstrates how librarians can prepare for the implementation of RDA.  


Starting in February 2012, fifteen to twenty librarians and staff have met monthly to practice creating RDA records, explore the RDA Toolkit, and discuss authority workflows. Assisted by colleagues from the University of Nebraska, Nebraska Wesleyan University, the Nebraska Library Commission, and others, Kralik has arranged 3-hour sessions at various locations in eastern Nebraska. A variety of types of libraries (university, small public, special, etc.) are represented in the group, and several librarians have taken turns running the meetings.


The group has begun to discuss how the members will give each other support after RDA is implemented. One idea is to continue to use the wiki after RDA is in use, to throw questions out to the group via the wiki, and to act as informal peer reviewers of original records."


Read more here: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2012/09/managing-libraries/rda-preparing-for-the-change-together-backtalk/

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