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Librarians and Archivists in a fast-changing digital lanscape
Curated by Karen du Toit
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Internet Librarian International 2013 #ILI2013

Internet Librarian International 2013 #ILI2013 | The Information Professional |

15 & 16 October 2013
Workshops 14 October
Olympia Conference Centre, London, UK

Internet Librarian International's programme of practical workshops, conference sessions, keynotes, case studies, panels and networking activities shares the latest trends in technology and innovation, and brings you face-to-face with some of the most distinguished practitioners and providers in today's global information space.

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The conference is on now! Follow with #ILI2013

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Internet Librarians—The Power to Transform Libraries

by Cindy Shamel :

"The 16th annual Internet Librarian conference recently concluded in Monterey, Calif. More than a thousand registrants and 215 speakers tackled the topic Transformational Power of Internet Librarians. While the sessions ranged from accessibility of digital content to web analytics, two themes took center stage: the future role of libraries and the reality of ebooks. As it turns out, some would assert that the future role of libraries depends upon the ultimate impact of ebooks.
Role of Libraries

Depending upon whom you ask, libraries should serve as a platform for networking, return to their core competency as the keeper of print books, or launch new products and services as the enabler of content creation.

In the opening keynote address, David Weinberger advocated for the library as a platform for people, ideas, and works delivered through tools and services. Weinberger is senior researcher, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, co-director, Harvard Innovation Lab, and author of Too Big to Know. He says, rather than attempting to collect knowledge in the form of published works, librarians can advance knowledge through public learning, generous sharing, and the power of iteration. Weinberger used the experience of software developers as an example of fast, efficient, and effective learning as they collaborate through tutorials, versioning, and social connections to tweak and improve programs. He posited that libraries can serve as a networking platform that “provides the resources that let others create and flourish.”

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Internet Librarian 2012 presentations available for download #IL2012

Internet Librarian 2012 presentations available for download #IL2012 | The Information Professional |

"Transformational Power of Internet Librarians: Promise & Prospect"


"Internet librarians have been revolutionizing the Net for many years, and are poised to transform their communities in exciting new ways. As our technologist and keynote speaker David Weinberger says, we have to “build networks that make us smarter.” Hear about leading-edge tools, strategies and techniques for transforming campuses, communities and organizations at Information Today, Inc.’s 16th annual Internet Librarian. This conference provides the ideal opportunity to gather insights and ideas to ignite our imagination and spark innovation. It showcases creative and exciting new internet technologies and techniques and features lots of opportunities for connections and conversations."


Presentations available here:

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