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"Online learning, in the form of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, has become a massive business. At the university level, there’s EdX, Udacity, and of course, Coursera. One of Coursera’s cofounders, Daphne Koller, is a computer scientist at Stanford, who until recently, was best known for her research on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Coursera, however, is about human learning. The platform makes classes at the nation’s top universities available online, to anyone, for free. Students can earn certificates, and the company is working toward translating those certificates into course credit, that can be transferred into degree-seeking programs. In the meantime, with keyboard biometrics and detailed logging of each click, Coursera plans to use its troves of data to better understand how people learn. Within 5 years, Koller says, Coursera will have the curriculum of a medium to large university.  From LAUNCH Education & Kids, check out this fantastic interview."