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“Their ideas point to the way that agriculture has to be in the future,” said agronomist Nicholas Jordan of the University of Minnesota. “There’s wide consensus that we have to figure out this fusion of ‘organic’ and ‘industrial.’ They’ve illustrated what that fusion looks like. It’s power and efficiency.”


Jordan stressed that the Marsden Farm data was sound: No fudged numbers, no apples-and-oranges comparisons or subtle statistical slip-ups. Asked if the methods could scale commercially, Jordan said “the answer is a resounding yes.”


His enthusiasm was, however, tempered with caveats about challenges. Integrated pest management is much more complicated than industrial farming, requiring more day-to-day decisions and local knowledge. “We’ve become very, very used to a system that’s straightforward,” said crop scientist Germán Bollero of the University of Illinois. “Implementing this at a large scale is not going to be easy.”

Via Alice Ruxton Abler