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The Great Transition
Policy news & blueprints for the transition to a new Sustainable and Social Economy
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There's a Class War Going On and the Poor Are Getting Their Butts Kicked | TIME

There's a Class War Going On and the Poor Are Getting Their Butts Kicked | TIME | The Great Transition |
Although they say they're concerned about inequality, economic policymakers continue to pummel low-income families and the jobless, and that’s bad for all of us
Willy De Backer's insight:

Time goes Marx...

Eli Levine's curator insight, April 3, 2014 6:25 PM

When you allow Capitalism to go laissez-faire, it leads to the rich getting richer while everyone else loses in the long term.  Wealth accumulates wealth, just as larger cities are able to attract more people and more stuff than small towns.


I do not believe we should tamper with the market itself.  I think we should be more proactive in making sure that people are compensated for the value of their labor, protected from the avarice and greed of a handful of people and that the environment is maintained in such a way that we're able to inhabit it and derive our wealth (in terms of goods and services) sustainably from it.


What good is profit if it's not just sitting around?  What good is wealth if it kills you to get it?

The economic policy makers are included in this picture too.  It's not like they're leaving this planet.  Even if they are, wouldn't we technically be better off without them?


We started from having zero monetary wealth, after all.


Think about it.

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New Report: Social Justice in the OECD

"The SGI project has released a new study on Social Justice in the OECD. The report offers a comparative assessment of 31 OECD countries with regard to six key dimensions: poverty prevention, equitable access to education, labor market inclusiveness, social cohesion and non-discrimination, health as well as intergenerational justice."

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