Personal Networking Sites: Path, Fridge, and Google+ - 1stwebdesigner | The Google+ Project |
So you have your Twitter and Facebook, why do you need to join a private/personal social network? Ask yourself first if you’re really connecting to the people close to you, like your family and close friends, not just an acquaintance or a friend of a friend.

Path, Fridge, and Google+ seem to have found a solution: developing a private network for people. No worries about your boss seeing things he shouldn’t see.

Another reason to join one of the three? I’m pretty sure that your feeds are so filled with updates from websites you are subscribed to that it no longer looks like a social networking site but a feed reader. Then there are people who’d add you as a contact even if you’ve just met once or twice, it’s a little awkward to just reject or ignore them (at least for some) right? Worry no more, read on!